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Our community updates start today!
From today we will be sending out a monthly community update, filled with Placer news and updates on what's happening in the world of student employment.

Unite Students - Helping us reach students nationwide
At the beginning of January our app went live for every Unite Students customer around the country, this has extended our reach to a further 65 universities! 

We think this is a great step towards what we want to achieve and will ultimately help more students get great starts to their working lives.
Partner update

Our university partners are busy engaging their students, leading to more students downloading The Placer app every day!
You can see this in action by checking out this great article by Manchester Metropolitan University where the Careers and Employability Service are letting their students know about the benefits of finding work experience through our app.
Some common challenges and how Placer is here to help

We have an article which went live on LinkedIn this month which details a bit about the Work Experience Revolution which we are hoping to bring about!

A diverse workforce

Thanks to some representative stats courtesy of our partners at Unite Students, we can share some enlightening data on the diversity of the Placer student base.

With regards to gender, our  students are predominantly female with a 63:36 percentage split with 1 percent opting to not disclose. We also have a large international student base as  UK students make up just over 60 percent of the Placer community with the remainder being international students, the largest international customer base being Chinese which make up an impressive 14 percent of our total!

Promoting your opportunities with Placer

For registered employers you can always add new users from your organisation or post new roles, you just need to login here and go over to the opportunities page to get your graduate jobs or work experiences live on the app.

We recommend making full use of our badge system, to really make it clear the kind of skills you will help students develop. As soon as you have done this, and it has gone live, we can show you how it looks on the app!

If you are not registered and would like to find out more about us please feel free to get in touch!
Featured opportunities

The graduate job of the month to keep your eyes on is this great Telecoms Engineer role from Squire Technologies:

Fancy travelling abroad? How about teaching English in Thailand for five months! Intrepid Teachers have a great work experience role available for application:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car are the employer getting the most views and saves on our app with some of their fantastic graduate roles:

Teach first have a wonderful week long inspiration session this July which will be great to get your foot in the door of the world of teaching:

Information from students by Unite Students
Unite Students have a great studying and careers playlist if you want to check out what students are saying about university life and thinking about work.

If you find yourself unsure on placement years and want to look at the pro's and cons you can see what this student has to say or read this article from one of their student writers about applying.